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SUNLOC Heat Shield
Anti Heat Coating for Glass Surface

Coated Glass vs Normal Glass


Coated Glass

Normal Glass

Ultra Violet & Infrared Rays

Reflects up to 90%

Does not reflect


Up to 80%

Up to 90%

Inside Temperature

Reduces by 30%


Traps heat

Do traps heat during winter

Does not

Electricity bills

30% reduction

Does not affect


Does not Fades


Air condition usage




No joints are seen

Joints are seen


10 Years



SunLoc offers nano-modified anti-Infrared and anti-Ultraviolet glass coating that,

    • Reflects Infrared (IR), and Ultraviolet (UV) rays up to 80%
    • Allows greater savings on electricity bills, in the long run
    • Lowers the temperature inside the house due to thin or low-E coating which helps in preventing the extra amount of solar radiation
    • Creates calmness inside the house
    • Provides warmth during winter by trapping heat
    • Reflects heat and offers cooler interiors to ensure the comfort of people
    • Offers better visibility
    • Enhances the look of your interiors
    • Is highly durable and lasts for over or more than 10+ years

About Us

The world is experiencing major environmental concerns like climate change and global warming with emerging technologies and industries. Due to climate changes, the temperature of the earth increases and the heat gets trapped. However, it’s never too late to slow down, reverse climate change and take action for the environment!

Hence, we started on a journey to find an ideal and eco-friendly solution to positively impact the environment and benefit mankind. The result was the discovery of SUNLOC – UVIR – Nanotechnology glass coating. Our core mission is to deliver eco-friendly solutions using nanotechnology. We strive to provide advanced coatings to block heat and harmful ultraviolet and infrared rays from entering your space.

Stay cool during the hot summers with the nano glass coating of SunLoc and ‘go green’ to contribute to our environment. 

Our Products


SunLoc-UVIR anti-heat coating is an advanced nano-modified liquid glass coating that effectively blocks 90% of Ultraviolet and Infrared rays from entering your space

Our advanced glass coating reflects light and reduces heat by 30%, providing cooler rooms in summer. It traps heat during cold climates, providing the required amount of warmth to the people living inside the house. With this, you’ll save up to 30% on air conditioning and heating costs as well as energy. Unlike normal glass, our nano glass coating, once applied, shows no visible joints in between the glass films. Our product is durable (3-4H hardness), scratch resistant and offers long-term benefits, protecting your interiors from harmful ultraviolet and infrared rays.

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Wish To Shield Your Space?

SunLoc offers an eco-friendly and economical solution to bring comfort to your homes and workplaces. Get in touch with our experts and opt for our nanotechnology glass coating for optimum heat protection.

Liquid Glass Coating Technology for Energy Saving

Leverage the Nano glass UV/IR reflector to block harmful rays or excess heat from entering your space and create a comfortable atmosphere

  • High-quality nano glass coating that is long-lasting
  • Energy-efficient coating for all seasons
  • Ultimate protection against sun damage
  • Transparent and better visibility
  • Lower power consumption and better energy savings
  • Suitable for different types of glass surfaces

Why Us

Economical Option
SunLoc offers nanotechnology glass coating at competitive prices. Our product traps heat during winters and reflects heat in summers, ultimately cutting bills on air conditioning and heating.
Eco-friendly Solutions
We offer eco-friendly solutions by leveraging advanced nano technology. Get our products and contribute towards the betterment of the environment
Strong Market Presence
SunLoc has been in the industry for a long time. Our strong market presence enables us to deliver the best solutions to customers
High-Quality Products
We guarantee to deliver the best quality products at affordable rates. We offer genuine products to our customers


Is SunLoc's UVIR applicable to all glass surfaces?

Yes! Our nano-glass coating is suitable for all types of glass surfaces.

Is there a warranty for the product?

SunLoc guarantees a 10-year warranty period for nano glass coating.

Is the product scratch-resistant?

Yes. Our nano glass coating has 3-4H hardness making it a perfect scratch-resistant product.

How SunLoc's UVIR helps in blocking heat?

SunLoc's UVIR blocks 90% of IR & UV rays and reduces heat to 30%, eventually helping you stay cool.

How is SunLoc's UVIR applied?

Our first step is to clean the window to remove impurities. Then we apply the liquid glass coating with the help of a roller over the window glass from the inside. The coated glass is left to dry as a final step.


What is the difference between SunLoc’s UVIR and a normal film?

Our product is scratch-resistance, offers great transparency, and reflects 90% of harmful Ultraviolet and Infrared rays. A normal film is prone to scratches, is not transparent, and reflects very less amount of UV rays.

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